Old and ready to die, Sadie Montgomery has no guardian angel to help her transition from mortal to immortal. Her rapid physical decline brings several angels to her bedside but none of them are hers. They are too young to be responsible for guarding Sadie and, try as they might, they cannot figure out who is. But it’s just as well since Sadie refuses to go with them until proper arrangements have been made for the little girl in her care.

Unlike Sadie, young Rashida has four guards but they don’t exactly get along. They stubbornly feud and fight before eventually accepting that they must work together to ensure that the will of God is carried out. Reluctantly, the fabulous foursome come together across race and gender and family history to devise a plan that will save Rashida Montgomery from becoming an orphan.

Victory is elusive, but they face their fears and train hard for the spiritual battle ahead of them. Lava, the only girl among them, fights as hard as the guys and just might be the fiercest of the four, but even she doesn’t have all the answers. In order to accomplish their mission they must humble themselves before the wiser Elder angels and ask for direction and assistance.





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"In an era of dystopian literature for kids' consumption, the hungrier and more harrowing the better, Lisa-Jane Erwin has created a heavenly universe whose diverse society of angels work round-the-clock for us humans. Like a modern gloss on the spirituals, these caring, crotchety, gentle, hard-working characters welcome the faithful--from kinda faithful to the saintly Aunt Sadie--with wings and shoes and love that doesn't just triumph over death, but makes triumph beside the point. The point, in this book as in its gospel inspiration, is love. (And fun!)"

Lorene Cary, Author

One Book, One Philadelphia Honoree

Senior Lecturer, Children's Lit, UPENN

Cofounder, SafeKidsStories.com

"The Shack introduced me to the concept of heavenly love, forgiveness, and communication, opening my mind and heart to the unique pathways God uses to connect with us on earth. Lisa Jane Erwin’s Aunt Sadie’s Angel flew me straight to heaven on personalized wings with angelic escorts, who love, serve and prepare for our arrival, anxious to reveal the everyday workings of the after-life."

Tina L. Smith Brown, Author

Fish and Grits

Letter to My Father: Daughters to Daddy

"Inspiring for young and old alike, Aunt Sadie’s Angel is thoughtfully and creatively written. Lisa-Jane Erwin takes us on a very solacing spiritual journey which affirms our faith in divine intervention: angels do indeed keep watch and fight on our behalf. Every believer, and every doubter, should read this book."

Rev Dr T. Anthony Bronner

Presiding Bishop, Turning the World Upside Down                                                               Covenant Fellowship

Senior Pastor, Elim Christian Fellowship, Buffalo, NY

"With a strong message of unity and humility, Lisa Jane Erwin’s Aunt Sadie’s Angel is a delightful and refreshing read for all ages! I appreciatively applaud her excellent storytelling. The half has yet to be told from this writer…."

K. Marshall Williams Sr

Senior Pastor, Nazarene Baptist Church, Philadelphia, PA

President, National African American Fellowship, SBC

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