Lisa-Jane Erwin is a public librarian with professional roots in psychology and education. She has a Masters in Library Science from Drexel University and a Master of Education in School Psychology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Her undergraduate degree, also in psychology, is from Lincoln University. Prior to joining the staff of the Free Library of Philadelphia she established a career as an administrative social worker. She also worked as a therapist and behavior specialist for school-age children and youth and continues to be passionate about social, political and religious decision-making that impacts children and families.

Comfortable and effective with people across age, gender, faith and culture, she is often called upon to conduct trainings related to her broad range of professional experiences including, but not limited to, cultural awareness and diversity, social justice, domestic violence, interpersonal communication, and conflict resolution. She is a Christian who seamlessly weaves her faith into all aspects of her life and work and prides herself on her ability to create “safe places” for people to explore their emotions, decision making processes and life experiences.

She typically writes for private reflection and personal edification, and her writings tend to mirror her social, political and religious passions. Recognizing that children the world over struggle with self-image, self-worth and a general sense of belonging she decided to share Aunt Sadie’s Angel in hopes that it will capture their hearts and minds and help them see themselves the way God sees them: created on purpose, with purpose.


Lauren Brown is a professional illustrator based in Atlanta, Georgia. Upon receiving her BFA in Illustration/Animation from Montclair State University, she traveled to Georgia to pursue her Masters in Illustration at the Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD).

After graduating from SCAD, Lauren accepted a position with Floyd County Productions, where she continues to work, as a background illustrator on the award-winning FX animated series, Archer. Lauren also does character design work for the studio’s various pilots. Her personal work varies from whimsical fantasy illustrations, often involving some kind of mushroom, to darker, more personal subjects.

Lauren’s main body of work can be experienced at labillustration.com and her process work, sketches, and random musings at labillustration.tumblr.com